Using storytelling to elevate your brand

Our customers are bombarded with information and marketing messages. How do you really capture their attention and inspire them to act?

Effective brand storytelling can do just that, according to Lara Zuehlke, director of content at Pierpont Communications. Lara spoke to IABC Austin recently about the power of storytelling for brands.

“At our core, we all seek meaning and connection,” Lara said. “For your brand, it’s not about what you say. It’s about what your audience values and what they remember.”

The “Pixar pitch”

One tip Lara shared to help unlock a creative angle to your brand’s story is to think of your narrative as a Pixar movie plot, starting with “Once upon a time …” and ending with the happily ever after. Here’s a snapshot of what this looks like:

Once upon a time there was … (The ongoing situation, as a threat or opportunity.)

Every day … (The ongoing situation, as a threat or opportunity.)

Then one day … (A turning point presented by the challenge or solution.)

Because of that … (Challenge or solution #1.)

Because of that … (Challenge or solution #2.)

Until finally … (The resolution/lesson/unique outcome.)

More storytelling resources
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